Welcome to the new site

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Welcome to the new site

I’m reminded of the old story about the cobbler’s children having no shoes. Many of us in the media business spend a lot of time creating marketing and image pieces for our clients. Our own marketing tends to be the thing we do when we get the time. Years can go by before we “get the time”. Thus the story of the cobbler. But today we bought the kids some new shoes. The Scheidel Group web site update is finally here.

If you visited this site in the past you’ll notice this one is vastly different. I think the only thing we kept was the logo. On this new site you will be able to see samples of our work. There are marketing videos, TV commercials and documentary previews under the Media Production tab. There are still photos of many of the different events we’ve produced, from large to small to off the wall. You’ll find these under the Events tab.

Finally, this News section we’ll keep track of the things we are currently working on. The site also has a link to our Facebook page which will have info that changes more often. Thanks for visiting and come back soon.


Tom Scheidel has been involved in the media production business since the 1970's. He has worked at radio and TV stations, video production companies, and since 2000 has been the Chief Creative Officer of The Scheidel Group.

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