There’s a buzz in the crowd. The ballroom is filled with well dressed people. They are excitedly anticipating the first presenter. Suddenly, a high energy musical fanfare fills the room. Intense lights sweep through the audience to reveal the emcee as she steps on stage. The show starts with a larger than life image projected on the multiple video support screens. The emcee introduces the first speaker to thunderous applause and the evening is underway.

Is that the way your last event started?  Just as important, how did it finish?  Did your audience walk away with the message you were trying to get across to them?  At the Scheidel Group our mission is take care of all the technical aspects of your event, from the lights, to the sound system, to the video screens, even rehearsing the on-stage talent. This allows the show, and your message, to make the desired impact.

Whether it’s a small service awards luncheon or a day long business seminar for thousands, we have the resources to produce a successful event.

The Scheidel Group also brings the same talent and attention to detail to media production. We have produced marketing videos for dozens of corporations and non-profits. We’ve created award winning documentaries. We even make really cool PowerPoint presentations.

With over 30 years of media production experience in radio, broadcast television, TV commercials, and corporate videos, the Scheidel Group is able to provide distinctive solutions. Every piece of media is a unique production for your company or organization.

The Scheidel Group is a media and live event production company. The company was founded in 2000 by award winning producer Thomas Scheidel.