New video example posted

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New video example posted

We finally got the okay to share a video we did a awhile back for the craft store Michaels. Their plan was to use this on their web site as a way of enticing customers to request better glass when getting their pictures framed. The video is under the Media Production tab, in the Corporate Videos section. Or you can just click here.

We produced this as a silent video with only music. Originally we were going to use art cards between shots to explain what was going on. But our actors did such a great job any words would have been superfluous. Thanks to Joe Anderson and Liz Nolan for their fine work.

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Tom Scheidel has been involved in the media production business since the 1970's. He has worked at radio and TV stations, video production companies, and since 2000 has been the Chief Creative Officer of The Scheidel Group.

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